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At  BioDeposit® we have taken what mother nature has given us in lake deposits and via the patented technology created a range of sapropel and peat based products that puts back in what mankind strips out, or creates humus in soil types that have low concentration of natural materials, so we can proudly declare that



The BioDeposit® Group Ltd. is a global company, founded in February of 2011 for the sales of high quality ecologically proper BioDeposit® products made out of peat and sapropel mined in Latvia.

As such our company has become a logical expansion of many years of scientific research and developments in the hydromechanics, biophysics and biology during which BioDeposit® products have enabling us to offer highly competitive qualities to satisfy even the most discerning consumers.

The fact is the world becoming increasingly concerned about food shortages, due to such factors as population explosion and the effects of climate change and weather patterns, the need for maximising the potential of the land has never been greater.

Brand recognition of BioDeposit® products is growing and our agents/distribution network is expanding. Currently our BioDeposit® products are available in almost 20 countries. Being top level specialists in their own field our agents are well informed about specific needs of their own national consumers which enables them to gain best possible results from implementing our BioDeposit® products, hence good results are helping us to assure better sales results.

To date the agricultural world is generally faced with a choice of chemically produced fertilizers, increasing rejected by the consumer, or manure based organic varieties. The alternative offered by BioDeposit® combines the effectiveness of the former with the eco soundness of the second.

Thus, through the production and distribution of natural BioDeposit® products, the activity of our company is directed to support and cherish organic style of life as we know that besides harming humans, synthetic pesticides in agriculture also rapidly deplete natural resources and seriously pollute the soil, water, and air. Organic farming, on the other hand, promotes the health of both consumers and the environment.

Lately the sales of our natural BioDeposit® products and the organic agriculture market in whole has grown exponentially because more consumers are learning that organic farming is better for them and their environment. Despite its growth, the business of organic farming is still in jeopardy and its future depends on every single person that does not want to ruin his or her health and health of children by toxic chemicals consumption.