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At  BioDeposit® we have taken what mother nature has given us in lake deposits and via the patented technology created a range of sapropel and peat based products that puts back in what mankind strips out, or creates humus in soil types that have low concentration of natural materials, so we can proudly declare that


Production of BioDeposit® Agro

BioDeposit® Agro produced from two raw materials: sapropel and peat.
By using our patented method the silt with moisture of 90-97% is pumped from the lake bed through the floating pipeline to the production workshop on the lakeside.
From the storage tank crude dosed sapropel is fed into the processing plant where it is mixed with the peat, previously cut, dried and sterilized.


Within the mixer the particles of crude sapropel mix with dry peat particles resulting in the formation of peat and sapropel granules with the redistribution of moisture to the dry particles of peat.
This method of production results in a product that has low humidity in the range of 60x70% and the necessary flowability.
By using our unique patented technology, the sapropel flows from deposits to the production line in closed process (with no air contact) and by ensuring sapropel is not exposed to either heat or chemical treatment, the finished product BioDeposit® Agro preserves natural activity of sapropel and its purity.

The product obtained is packed into big-bags and bags of different size.

The following table gives the distinctive features of BioDeposit® technology compared to conventional production technology of sapropel fertilizers.

Comparison of BioDeposit® with a regular technology of sapropel fertilizers production (measures are shown for the plant productivity of 1 000 000 ton of ready product per year):