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At  BioDeposit® we have taken what mother nature has given us in lake deposits and via the patented technology created a range of sapropel and peat based products that puts back in what mankind strips out, or creates humus in soil types that have low concentration of natural materials, so we can proudly declare that


The most reasonable time deposit is BioDeposit

In ancient times people already knew how to successfully use river and lake silt. It is in the valleys of big rivers - the Nile, the Tigris and the Euphrates, distinguished by powerful floods, where the first agricultural civilisations arose. Herodotus wrote that Egypt is a "gift of the Nile" because every year the Nile was overflowing and enriching soil with mellow layer, which is considered to be the best fertiliser.

Andrej Maklakov
BioDeposit® Group

  In our country there are no rivers that leave fertile silt after floods. But Latvia, especially in its southeastern part, is rich in lakes that contain the most valuable natural fertiliser - sapropel.
Our company BioDeposit® Group offers you to use a product called BioDeposit Agro, manufactured ​​in Latvia using sapropels from Latgale.
BioDeposit Agro consists of freshly mined sapropel and peat.The combination of these two components supplement each other:
  • sapropel contains a rich complex of natural vitamins, minerals and bacteria that promote rapid formation of humus in the soil, activating metabolic processes in soil and restoring its fertility;
  • peat creates a soil structure, improves its aeration, saturates with the humic acids and increases moisture-holding capacity of soil.
      Important consumer properties of the BioDeposit Agro product are:
    • it is 100% natural product,
    • it doesn't contain weed seeds,
    • it neutralises the activity of nitrates, nitrites and salts of heavy metals in soil,
    • it is easy to use, has good friability and mixes easily with any type of soil,
    • it retains nutritional value within 3-4 years after applying to soil,
    • it doesn't have any odour,
    • it is non-toxic,
    • it doesn't require special storage conditions.
BioDeposit Agro is versatile in use - it can be applied to all the plants growing in the garden or yard without any exceptions. It is very effective when used in greenhouses, for planting fruit trees, berry bushes, conifers, deciduous and ornamental cultures, flowers, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs.

BioDeposit Agro is mainly not a fertiliser, but a biologically active basis for rapid restoration of soil fertility and formation of humus in it.

  Another product we offer for use, is BioDeposit Elixir - humic plant growth stimulator.
Humic substances (from lat. humus - earth, soil) are formed in soil, peat, coal and other natural matters. They accumulate nutrients and energy, reduce harmful effects of toxic substances, have a positive effect on a development of organisms and planet's thermal balance.
The main substances of the humic products ensuring its biological activity, are the humic and the fulvic acids.
Currently, there is a vide variety of humic substances. Our product compares favourably because:
  • it is made from local Latvian peat in a process of nonwaste production without any harmful emissions,
  • in the production process peat is not exposed to neither high temperatures nor harsh chemical treatments,
  • it contains a high concentration of humic and fulvic acids (more than 120 g / l),
  • 1 litre of BioDeposit® Elixir gives you 2000 litres of ready-to-use solution.
BioDeposit® Elixir has more varied application than BioDeposit Agro. While the Agro is mainly used as additive to the soil, the Elixir can be used in several ways:
  • The first option - BioDeposit® Elixir is useful for soaking seeds before planting. Three drops of the drug is dissolved in a glass of water or 12 ml sachet (bag) in 20 litres. Seeds are placed in a cloth and soak for 10-12 hours in prepared solution. In the process of soaking the seeds will absorb the Elixir solution, so you need to ensure that seeds are evenly moistened. After 12 hours seeds are planted into the soil. Experiments show that soaking seeds in the BioDeposit® Elixir solution increases germination % and also shortness period of germination for several days. This means that use of BioDeposit BioDeposit® Elixir for soaking will help to obtain larger number of seedlings in shorter period of time.
  • The second option - is BioDeposit® Elixir application for root watering. You can water with the solution newly planted seeds as well as seedlings and adult plants. We recommend 2 waterings during the growing season. If the first time you watered the soil after planting the seeds, then the second time the same soil should be watered in two weeks. Amount of solution in this case should be equal to water amount for ordinary watering.
  • The third option - is spraying plant leaves with BioDeposit® Elixir , because there are important energy exchange processes such as production of chlorophyll and consumption of carbon dioxide, occurring in leaves. For spraying you should prepare the same BioDeposit® Elixir solution as for soaking and watering (1:2000). Spraying should be performed two times during the growing season within the interval of 14-15 days. If the volume of 20 litres is to large for you, you can dilute the content of one sachet in a glass of water, and keep the solution for a long period of time in a stoppered bottle (jar) to prevent water evaporation. Then, as needed, you can dilute half-cup in 10 litres of water, a quarter of cup in 5 litres, etc. Experiments have shown that the use of BioDeposit® Elixir for root watering or spraying increases crop yields by at least 20-40%, depending on soil condition. The greatest effect is achieved when BioDeposit® Agro is used in conjunction with BioDeposit® Elixir, as Agro creates a growing medium for a full-fledged and proper development of plants, and Elixir helps to accelerate metabolism and growth.
  • The fourth option - is the application of BioDeposit® Elixir as an accelerator of compost maturation. To do this, dilute Elixir with water in 1:1000 proportion, ie delute a sachet in 10 litres of water and pour the contents of this solution on compost pit or compost pile. After 3-4 days, the compost temperature will rise to 500C. Compost prepared in this way will be filled with humic substances and provide a significant increase in your yield. When preparing compost we recommend to sprinkle a layer of compostable material with 2-4 cm thick Agro layer, and to pour Elixir over the resulting "cake" afterwards. This compost will be a great material for planting and fertilising garden plants.
There is no universal fertiliser, because there are different soil quality, climatic conditions and types of cultivated plants. Since all plants impoverish the soil by taking away nutrients, they must be replenished. Our products are not a replacement for fertilisers, and therefore to increase the content of certain nutrients in soil, while using BioDeposit® products it is permitted to use fertilisers, but their quantity applied to the soil for plant nutrition should be 8-10 times smaller than without usage of our products.
If you used mineral fertilisers for your soil before, than they have already accumulated in high enough concentrations. At the same time they are in the soil in the form of salts, that are difficult to absorb for plant roots. BioDeposit® will release nutrients to plants and provide roots with an access to them. Thus, the use of BioDeposit® product has curative impact on soil, improves its fertility, makes soil clean and healthy.